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Scotty and Dan - String~Theory (Pat in the background)

You are listening to Dan, and only Dan, covering an impossibly difficult arrangement created by Al Demiola of "Midnight Tango", a seductively incredible peice of music that only Dan could cover.

Thank you for visiting our new site. This site is intended to give you a place to listen to the recordings we have made, give you some background on us and to keep you up to date with what we are doing. Use the buttons to the left to navigate the site. Some pages have a flash autoplayer at the bottom playing one of the songs we covered.

We have nothing for sale here. If you like a particular song or songs, go buy the original artist's album (even if they aren't quite as good as our's! HAHAHAHA!) We would like to thank all the original artists for giving us the inspiration and the material to perform. Each song we recorded in our home studio lists the original artists and/or composers on the flash players. Please don't sue us, we make nothing from this and are promoting you all! Maybe we'll do some t-shirts one of these days, who knows. We might even get around to writing some music some day. We've tried, don't hold your breath. lol

We are made up of just two semi-geezers, Dan and Scotty, who like to keep ourselves busy and challenged by doing this for fun. Scotty created the website with the help of a generator and a lot of tedious html code combined. He obviously has too much time on his hands being unemployed and stays in practice tweaking the site constantly. Dan does the high tech music stuff and MIDI, Scotty does the computer tech stuff and image processing. Please enjoy your stay and be sure and sign our guest book. Come back soon now, Ya hear?

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